May 2017- Where are the Beta Xis

Hello all.

May has been full of ups and downs, but we can say that we are very thankful to be Alpha Chis and thankful to be surrounded by some amazing sisters.

We are deeply saddened to say that we have lost one of our sisters, Marissa Garnica (right).

She will be remembered as a perfectly sweet and sassy soul, who deeply cared about her Alpha Chi sisters and loved Disney and being with her friends.  Her life was way too short lived, but she made an incredible impact on everyone in her life. Our deepest condolences to her family and closest friends. Our memories with her will never be forgotten, and her legacy at Beta Xi will forever live on.

We also had an amazing memorial for her on the USU campus. We had astonishing support from the Fraternity/ Sorority Life at USU.  Both the Herald Journal and The Statesmen wrote great articles covering the memorial. We are so thankful for all that attended both physically and in spirit.


As we head on to the next month of summer, we encourage you all to hold the loved ones in your life a little closer and never forget to tell them how much they are loved. We will try our hardest to put our best foot forward to enjoying life and our sisters.

Now take a look at all the places the Beta Xis have ventured so far this summer:

Katie S. on Lake Lanier!


Becky visited the northern coast of Africa while on a cruise, and of course, she’s repping AXΩ!

Our sister Cassi M. is seeing the beauty even in the common things of life, like this beautiful beach in Florida


AJ found a lyre while in Paris with the Huntsman School of Business! 

Alli S. was spotted just hanging out in British Columbia! 

And our sisters (like Brinnlie in Hawaii) are all continuing to literally and figuratively seek the heights!!


Also Delaney and Nadia seeking the heights together in Logan!

Check out Corryn, who’s spending her summer at a dude ranch in Jackson Hole! 

We also had plenty of good things happened during May:

Shoutout to Carminda for getting into the social work program. We know she’s worked super hard, volunteering and working towards her goal! Congrats!

Congratulations to our almnae Jacki Johnson on getting engaged! We are extremely happy and thrilled for you two!

Also did we mention our house is getting updated!?!?!

 We are so thankful for the help from our housing corporation for the help to restore our house in order to make our house a little more homey over the summer. If you want updates, follow Alpha Chi Omega Beta Xi House Corporation on Facebook!

And this is only the first month of summer! We can’t wait to see what June holds!

Follow us on instagram @usuaxo for more updates about our sisters’ summers! Or check out #wherearethebetaxis to follow more sisters and more of their adventures!


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